Refer and Reward Opportunity is an Indian-based matrimonial website that allows its users to find potential matches through the Internet. The procedure is easy and straightforward. And users' preferences are always considered the top-most priority. We not only limit ourselves in taking care of our users in matchmaking, but we value our business relationships with users as well. allows its users to earn extra rewards and money when they use your reference. This will enable you to find a perfect match and will allow you to generate money as well. The opportunity is available for everyone. The procedure is pretty simple. All you have to do is invite as many people as you can and get credit with every subscription and update payment plans.

  • The referral program is easy to use. For every subscription that is made through your reference, you can earn up to 50 rupees. There is no limit on subscriptions. You will earn 50 rupees from every single subscription.
  • You can also get 20% of the subscription plan the users take from your reference. There are different plans, and whatever plans the user chooses, you will get 20% of them.

The benefits and earning does not stop here. You will be receiving 20% of the budget plan every time the user renews the program here because of your reference. There is no time or money limit. It is one of the easiest ways of earning money.

For Regular Users

The method for regular users stays the same. Users can invite their family, friends, and anyone using the referral link and can get registered. Whenever anyone gets registered using your referral plan, you will get 50 rupees, and whatever plan they choose in the future, you will get 20% of the plan.

This way, you are not only earning money through but also showing a path of finding the right Muslim bride or Muslim groom to your young bachelor friends and family. The website is 100% authentic and promises to deliver what they say.

For Website Owners

If you own a website, then we have a very fantastic chance for you to earn money. The plan is straightforward, yet it works amazingly. Website owners now have an opportunity to put an ad with our link on their website to get a chance to earn money. The ad should be placed somewhere where a large number of the audience can see it and visit our website.

Whenever someone opens through your website and register themselves at, you will get 50 rupees. After that, you will be getting 20% of the plan they choose whenever they choose or upgrade their subscription plan.

How to Start? promises to pay its business partners on every single subscription. No extra money or registration fees is required. All you have to do is get yourself registered at and start sending references to other people. If you are a website owner, find a proper place to place our ad on your website, and with each subscription, you will be earning as well. The website is free of frauds, and fake profiles, so make sure whoever you invite makes an authentic registration on our website. This is a golden chance for everyone willing to earn efficiently and quickly. Don't miss the chance and invite as many people as you can to make loads of money.

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